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Take a look at our past projects

Cedar to Laminate Shingle Conversion

Spring 2013


This is a good example of how these projects can be done in mixed weather conditions at this time of the year. No tarps are necessary: the underlayment we use is wind and water resistant, and unlike a standard felt, it will not wrinkle and telegraph through when wet.

The yard and drive are always neat and tidy. The only inconvenience for the home owner would be the bin which takes up one side of the driveway at the street but does not block the garage.

Large Addition to Existing Home

Fall 2012

East Langley

While we specialize in residential re-roofing, we are prepared to work in new construction. We installed this roof on a large addition to an existing home in East Langley owned and occupied by a building contractor.

Cedar Conversion I

Fall 2012


The first of three conversions in this cul-de-sac in Cloverdale. The property was well-landscaped, so cleanliness and tidiness were priorities throughout the project. Fred kept the site clean while Larry personally installed the roof.

Cedar Conversion II

Fall 2012


The second of three cedar conversions in this cul-de-sac in Cloverdale. Again, we maintained a safe, clean, and tidy workspace throughout the installation.

Matching Shed

Fall 2012


We installed a matching roof on the shed accompanying the Cloverdale home above ("Cedar Conversion II").

Cedar Conversion III

Fall 2012


The third cedar conversion we did in this Cloverdale cul-de-sac. The owner had just refinished entire house inside and out, and, like the first two, it was perfectly landscaped.

This installation involved a tricky roof design with a dead valley at the top. We consulted with a material expert at Cedar Grove Roofing Supply in order to identify the proper supplies for the intricate spots on the roof.

Roof Deck Reinforcement

Summer 2012

East Vancouver

This was an older house with a new roof in East Vancouver that needed structural improvements to the roof deck. We were required to remove the existing three layers of duroid shingles in order to install plywood reinforcements over the old roof deck. The design of the roof involved a steep slope and a number of tricky details that required extra care.

The owners had just finished remodelling both the interior and exterior of the house, and we added on a small porch to improve the functionality of the rear entrance.

Tool Shed Structural Improvements

Summer 2012

Port Coquitlam

This small job in Port Coquitlam called for minor structural improvements to an older tool shed. The shed was adjacent to the neighbour's swimming pool, so every nail on and off had to be accounted for. We were able to offer the owner a fair price and a simple, hassle-free approach for the half-day job.

Note that a new roof can often bring an older building back from the dead: if a roof has been leaking for a while, there will be dampness and rot. Making minor roof deck repairs and installing a new roof system is a relatively inexpensive option that allows the entire structure to dry. This changes the feel of even a small garden shed.